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Down Low Connection
Boston, MA, United States
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Name: Track 2: Dank
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New York, NY, United States
Producer / Engineer
Acoustic bass guitar, Bass, Bass guitar
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“Down Low Connection aren’t just Boston’s best live hip-hop experience. If they wanted to, they could probably compete for Boston’s best funk band title as well.”
The Boston Phoenix, May 15, 1998

“The DLC are back in full effect, ready to sign the deal and cash the check…They are true architects of the craft.”
North East Performer, April 1998

“It’s one of the few genuine hip-hop bands that is able to cross over and play all the major rock clubs in town as well as other places like the House of Blues and the noted reggae club the Western Front in Cambridge. The Down Low Connection could, in fact, become the only hip-hop band to emerge from our scene and gain national attention.”
Billboard Magazine, Jan. 20, 1998

“Indeed, the malleability and virtousity of this impressive live hip-hop enterprise… are its greatest strengths.”
Boston Phoenix, May 23, 1997

“The act’s members believe that through their music of inclusion, they can make a difference and help heal the racial divisions that have plagued Boston for years.”
Billboard Magazine, June 15, 1996

“…few will remember an early ‘80’s crop that yielded “Wild Style,” a ground-breaking, graffiti film that captured the neighborhood origins of New York rap music. Electric with the energy of community and connection, Wild Style showed how great soul-to-soul, rapper-to-rapper immediacy could turn a corner pub into the coolest of scenes. Thursday nights at the Western Front on Prospect St. in Cambridge, a long-standing club known mostly for its commitment to reggae, the Down Low Connection hosts live rap-jazz-funk-blues sessions that recall the Wild Style vibe.”
Boston Rock, 1995

“Down Low Connection is exploring some interesting combinations — hip hop with Indian raga and classical, John Coltrane jazz with George Clinton funk … ‘We want to be with what’s happening now but integrate different cultural styles. We want to pick up where the great funk bands of the ‘70’s left off.’”
Boston Herald, 1995

Cool experiment. Mike Dunkle (drums) and Ray (Bass) totally linked up the kick and bass. Basically, we manually made it sound like the kick was triggering the bass. more

And a mellow track from the unreleased album. more

Album intro. This is for an album that we never released. more

Track 2 from "Lost Tapes" more

Track 2: Dank uploaded by Ray Archie to the project Track 2: Dank
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Track 1: Ray's Street uploaded by Ray Archie to the project Track 1: Ray's Street
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Project Track 2: Dank
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