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Artist bio

D-Sidez is an assortment of Down Tempo groove oriented sketches. The goal of this project is to create an auditory journey - through an assortment of mellow places. Be it - 4am Brooklyn, NY or 4p... more

Looking to get into a soulful house vibe... more

This is a fun simple groove. It'll be a nice meandering beach stroll. I'm looking for collaborators. If you'd like to get involved, please message me!!! more

Hey Guys,

If you like this Project and want to help out with it, please reach out to me. I'm excited to get other instruments on it!

Ray more

This might happen to you the night before heading to the beach. Trust me - this isn't supposed to be the soundtrack to a horror film. =) more

This is a pensive walk down the beach. Although the scratch track sounds like it's conducive to spoken word or rap, I imagine a female vocalist meandering then finally landing on a vibe that's ins... more