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Artist bio

Michael A Puskas has a proven thirty two year track record in the international music industry and is the CEO and owner of, Ikonic Artists LLP, DEAD Famous International Pty Ltd and Astral Records & Music Publishing.

In addition he was formerly published by Warner/Chappell in the US and Scandinavia and is now published by ACM Records in New York and Music of the Sea in Chicago. He is an established published writer and composer with ACM Records and Cue Hits in New York as well as First Music Control in the UK. He is also proud of a strong and well established track record in music production for both artists and film and television scores. His most recent credits include music supervisor roles on Partisan Pictures latest feature, “A Perfect Life” which has just been released in theaters across the US and is entering the home DVD market. He has also licensed music to, Scary Movie 5, CBGB, Kids Vs Aliens as well as many Disney features. He was also commissioned by Taffy Entertainment / Mike Young Productions based in LA to write and produce the opening theme for the new US animated children's television series for Discovery Kids & Nickelodeon Worldwide entitled, "Growing up Creepie".

Mike has an impressive tack record with licensing his music into major motion pictures and television networks across the US and Europe. These include without limitation, the OC, One Tree Hill, The Ghost Whisperer, My Generation, Without a Trace, Supernatural, Punkd, Room Raiders, Charm School, The Mole, Shall We Dance, Fantastic Four, Silence Becomes Her, Catwalk Catastrophe, Cathouse - The Series, Meet the Barkers, Making the Band, Dismissed etc

latest NEWS Mike signs a new licensing deal with Writestuff Music in Michigan, and signs a very lucrative deal with Stephen Wrench of Musik & Film (MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount, Miramax) etc and will help administer major artist catalogs which include, Spencer Davis, Toto, Loverboy, Deep Purple, Larry Hoppen, John Cafferty and the list goes on.. He has recently launched the NEW "Transference" project which has just signed to Dynamik Records / Universal and the new album, The Navigators was released in January 2015 to critical acclaim. The videos have collectively done over 190,000 views on You Tube with 8,500 + likes on Facebook and over 2,400 followers on Twitter so things are moving ahead quite nicely.

Transference has been growing exponentially over the last 14 months and with a worldwide deal in place for the last album and a new deal in discussion for the new album the band are set to take on markets like India, China, Korea and Western Europe with "planet healing vibrational energy tours" planned in the regions in the last quarter of the year.