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Artist bio

Michael has been writing and recording for many years, co-founded MixLuv Inc with the goal of breaking down the barriers of modern day music production process, providing a tool set to allow for global music collaboration. He is a classically trained musician, having played electric bass in a 90’s American Shoegazer band, Absinthe Blind, self-produced 5 albums & toured the US.

Later played a key role in a software development team for a major radio corporation in New York City, and developed a widely adopted & revered global streaming platform. Zolfo transitioned to lead a product development initiative for’s original video showcase “Originals”.

From there his path moved into a private technology consulting firm leading business operations and product development, while dabbling in his own creative consumer fashion start up company.

As music has always been Michael's passion throughout life, this project is especially dear to him. Feel free to get in touch by sending a message with any questions you might have.

Public projects involving audio by Jon Barbieri (@RheyneMusic) more

This group is for beat-makers, producers, songwriters, lyricists, vocalists and musicians to get together and create commercial music in the Pop, R&B, Hip Hop and EDM genres for the purposes of pos... more

This jam is about Ari trying to learn the product more

Michael is an admin

Roy White began in the early nineties out of the bustling metropolis of Urbana Illinois. Quickly growing an underground following with their creative angst grunge metal, and over the top (for their... more

D-Sidez is an assortment of Down Tempo groove oriented sketches. The goal of this project is to create an auditory journey - through an assortment of mellow places. Be it - 4am Brooklyn, NY or 4p... more

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I have been doing a fair amount of 'bedroom' recording since my departure from my old band Absinthe Blind, under the name 'The Resilient'. With the launch of MixLuv, I hope to create and collaborat... more

Looking to get into a soulful house vibe... more

Stems for "Urge" by Rheyne, with and without effects / EQ.

Use any of these as you wish, and feel free to post your tracks here!

Send me a direct message for an invite to the project! Once i... more

Just a goofy beat based love song. Already written for the most part... just needs a bridge. Looking for a strong male vocalist to carry this one.

Re-Mixers welcomed on this one. more

This is a fun simple groove. It'll be a nice meandering beach stroll. I'm looking for collaborators. If you'd like to get involved, please message me!!! more

Hey Guys,

If you like this Project and want to help out with it, please reach out to me. I'm excited to get other instruments on it!

Ray more

This might happen to you the night before heading to the beach. Trust me - this isn't supposed to be the soundtrack to a horror film. =) more

This is a pensive walk down the beach. Although the scratch track sounds like it's conducive to spoken word or rap, I imagine a female vocalist meandering then finally landing on a vibe that's ins... more

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Instrumental piece somewhat euro-club danceable, crica early 2000's. I have a base layer, which could benefit from some crazy vocal smaples and over production. Might need some more lead attributes... more

Michael is an admin

An A/B instrumental idea, some synths and piano laid down, with a little guitar hook. Looking to keep this one down, slow and moody. A touch of a Twin Peaks vibe to it. more

Michael is an admin

Starting off with rhodes keys, bass, and some atmospheric synth in the background to provide a more etherial tone. Not sure where to take this exactly? Live drum feel in the background, some synth ... more