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Artist bio

Hi! I'm President & Co-Founder of MixLuv. Originally from Middlesbrough, UK now living in Dallas TX. Life long guitar player (electric & acoustic) and recent convert to the beauty and pain of flamenco guitar. Been involved professionally in music since Virgin Radio in the early 90's, where I launched the first permanently streaming radio service in europe. Headed up cross platform distribution for radio and music in the BBC, London. Let me know if I can help you out on the platform!

I have been doing a fair amount of 'bedroom' recording since my departure from my old band Absinthe Blind, under the name 'The Resilient'. With the launch of MixLuv, I hope to create and collaborat... more

Starting off with rhodes keys, bass, and some atmospheric synth in the background to provide a more etherial tone. Not sure where to take this exactly? Live drum feel in the background, some synth ... more