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Artist bio

I am the Head of Content here at MixLuv. I am a life long lover of music and I have been in the business in various forms for over 20 years. From college radio to record labels to promotional marketing companies to heading up a team of music programmers for a national broadcaster. My goal has always been to help all of you amazing musicians realize your dreams.

As a musician, I have messed around on bass for a few years, I am an avid writer/lyricist and on a few (very few) occasions, I've been known to pick up a mic.

I have always enjoyed a good jam session amongst friends, but I know where my skills are best utilized.... Getting your songs noticed by the masses. It is my honor to have you here on MixLuv and I can't wait to hear what you create with us!


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Public projects involving audio by Jon Barbieri (@RheyneMusic) more

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This is a fun and experimental group with roots in electronic music. more

I have been doing a fair amount of 'bedroom' recording since my departure from my old band Absinthe Blind, under the name 'The Resilient'. With the launch of MixLuv, I hope to create and collaborat... more

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Stems for "Urge" by Rheyne, with and without effects / EQ.

Use any of these as you wish, and feel free to post your tracks here!

Send me a direct message for an invite to the project! Once i... more

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A fun and hyper-wacky song... One should never be too serious. more

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Chill out track with a persistent twitch. more

Starting off with rhodes keys, bass, and some atmospheric synth in the background to provide a more etherial tone. Not sure where to take this exactly? Live drum feel in the background, some synth ... more

Insomina uploaded by gsus
Urge (Sudden Mix) uploaded by gsus to the project Urge