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Artist bio

Producer, writer, mix engineer. My lane is Urban Pop, EDM, Trap, and R&B. I dabble in rock, and have recorded virtually everything including Jazz, and Classical. I play keys (sloppily) heavily relying upon a sequencer and all that implies. ::: grin :::

Published SESAC Producer, Writer, Engineer
Eternal Love aka E-Love

Having earned 4 Billboard Top 100's for his production, songwriting, mixing, and mastering E. Love has had songs in major films and on tv, and developed and honed the skills of numerous artists.

Classically trained as a pianist. As a youth he played drums, trumpet, guitar, bassoon, tenor and alto sax, and as a teen was chosen to sing in the Westchester all county chorus as a soloist. Later he picked up Turntablism and gained great prowess as a battle DJ.

He played in numerous clubs, and on radio stations in NY tri state area. He literally battled his way up and down the east coast in the 1990's.

He began producing professionally at that time and went on to work with many artists in the studio including Atlantic Starr, Wu-Tang, Joel Martin, Luther Vandross, DJ Eddie F, Fonda Rae, Kenny Smoove, Lee Carr, and many others.

Harlem NYC Born, Westchester NY Native.
Son of a Jazz pioneer.

Eternal is an admin

Just a goofy beat based love song. Already written for the most part... just needs a bridge. Looking for a strong male vocalist to carry this one.

Re-Mixers welcomed on this one. more

Me And My Guitar uploaded by E. Love
Drums / Percussion Vocals Guitar Strings Keyboards / Piano Happy Chill 88 BPM 4/4