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Artist bio

I am Agnes and am a model for 5 years now. I am also Miss San Francisco Beauties of The Nation, Miss Germany International and United States Miss. I am 25 years old, am Chinese German and speak 3 languages fluently. I am doing my MBA in Finance now.
I want to be a singer, because I want to inspire others to dream big and to always follow your heart and passion! Bullied as a young child due to my appearance and petite frame, I never felt beautiful or appreciated. However I overcame my fear of rejections and underestimations, worked hard and am blessed to work with numerous designers and brands. My story has been published in several magazines and every time I get a personal letter from a fan, I am so glad that through my modeling I can make a positive difference in people's lives! =)

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Hello talented people! =D

I am Empress A and am a Pop & EDM singer and am looking for a music producer and songwriter to create something similar like never be like you by Flume Kai, Work for it... more