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Introducing the social platform that provides musicians, songwriters and engineers the ability to meet, collaborate, and manage their world of music online.
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Make it.

Mix it.

Share it.

Upload your audio and post as scratch track to begin developing your song with other MixLuv users.
Share and audition audio from MixLuv users and refine your creation in the multitrack player.
Lock in your final track arrangement and download the stem tracks for mixing.
Upload and post your mixes to the platform and get feedback from your peers and other MixLuv users.
MixLuv is home to a boundless pool of musical talent. Find and Connect with your next favorite artist right here, right now.
Our goal is to bring talented musicians together to collaborate. Search the groups section and find out how each group came together. Who knows, they may just be seeking someone like you.
Explore active projects on MixLuv, you just might be the one they need.
Sit back and listen to the catalogue of song mixes and discover how each song came to be.
Join now to create your own group and post your song idea to the community of musicians, songwriters, producers and engineers that are at your fingertips.